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Valerie J. Vickers

Executive Director of Enterprise Affirmative Action - JPMorgan Chase & Co

Valerie Vickers is Executive Director of Enterprise Affirmative Action for JPMorgan Chase & Co.  She joined the firm in 1981 and has held various positions including recruiting, training, human resources generalist, and employee relations.   She was named Head of Enterprise Affirmative Action in 2002, and has since led the team responsible for AA Compliance.  Valerie holds a BS degree in HR Management.  She was certified as an instructor in aggression management by the Center for Aggression Management, Orlando, Florida and received her mediation training through Mediation Works, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts.  She is active in the Louisiana Liaison Group Board, National Industry Liaison Group Board, and the Center for Workplace Compliance Board.

8:45 AM – 9:45 AM

Friday, Aug. 4

OFCCP Regional Director Panel

OFCCP Regional Director Panel
Diana Sen, Northeast; Carmen Navarro, Midwest; Jane Suhr, Pacific & SWARM; Aida Collins, Southeast; Samuel Maiden, Mid-Atlantic; Moderator: Valerie Vickers, NILG Board