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Judy Julius

Owner/Primary Consultant - EEO Consulting, LLC

Judy Julius has owned her consulting business for almost 30 years. Her team, including Janice Riney and Dani Kuhn, develops AAPs for the Supply and Service sector. She also conducts training classes on all aspects of AA/EEO. Based in St. Louis, her company has clients from Vermont to Hawaii. Judy has been writing AAPs for nearly 43 years including 13 years in Corporate HR at McDonnell Douglas (Boeing), and Bunge Corporation (food and grain, not the cords). Judy is an active member of the St. Louis ILG and has been doing presentations on the new census data since May 2021

2:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Wednesday, Aug. 2

Workshop 6

All Grown Up: Internet Applicant Rule Turns 18
Fred Melkey, Emerson; Judy Julius, EEO Consulting, LLC

Hiring cases continue to dominate OFCCP financial settlements. As the Internet Applicant rule enters adulthood, this session will review the history, current state, and future of wrangling applicant data into meaningful analyses.  Objectives for participants include:
• Gaining a practical understanding of the OFCCP regulations related to hiring process recordkeeping and monitoring
• Discovering techniques for collecting, sanitizing, and analyzing applicant data
• Learning approaches for compliance with the ever-changing recruiting and selection technologies and practices