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July 25-28, 2021
Boston, MA

Please review the following information thoroughly to ensure your submission is accepted:

Call for Presenters

The Program Committee for the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) – NILG 2022 National Conference is seeking speakers who will innovatively and effectively address topics involving affirmative action, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), equal employment opportunity (EEO), and other areas of interest to Conference attendees in keeping with our theme of “BE THE BEACON OF CHANGE”.

The Conference is the premier meeting ground for EEO, affirmative action, HR compliance, and DEI representatives. Practitioners from business, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations attend this annual conference to hear from recognized experts as well as from leaders at federal agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

We are looking for new topics and fresh perspectives on EEO compliance and affirmative action efforts, and for how to drive change through DEI initiatives. We are especially interested in presentations from employer representatives and experts who have not previously spoken at a NILG National Conference.

The Conference intends to present basic affirmative action, EEO, and regulatory compliance content. We also want to move beyond the basics and consider DEI and specialized topics that can help participants “be the beacon of change” within their organizations. Among the topics and themes where we are looking for presenters are the followin

About Our Conference

The Conference will be held at the Omni Boston Hotel at the Seaport. The Conference is recognized as one of the preeminent annual conferences for EEO, affirmative action, HR compliance, and DEI professionals. We are looking for speakers and participants to come and Be the Beacon of Change.

Conference Benefits

  1. The Conference is an excellent venue for sharing information and networking with professionals working in the EEO, affirmative action, and DEI fields.
  2. The Conference draws attendees from a broad cross-section of industries and practices including healthcare, aerospace, higher education, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, financial services, technology, and professional services.
  3. The Conference provides presenters with an opportunity to demonstrate expertise in their areas of specialization and interest.
  4. While all speakers must register for the Conference, there is no registration fee for speakers. Speakers can attend Conference sessions, participate in Conference meals and attend Conference receptions at no charge. Note, however, there will be a maximum of two (2) complimentary registrations per presentation, and all expenses other than Conference registration (hotel, transportation, etc.) will be the responsibility of all speaker(s).

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal

If you are interested in presenting at the Conference, please click the “submission form” link at the end of this document.

We are seeking presentations for pre-conference and regular conference sessions.

  • Pre-Conference Sessions:
    • These sessions should provide learning opportunities for attendees who are new to the equal opportunity/affirmative action/regulatory compliance field.
    • Alternatively, these sessions should provide information on highly-specialized topics of interest to advanced practitioners or to practitioners in specific industries or employment sectors such as higher education or construction.
  • Conference Sessions:
    • These sessions should be new and innovative presentations that help attendees become a “beacon of change” for their organizations within the EEO, affirmative action, and DEI fields.

You may submit multiple proposals; however, in most cases speakers will be selected for one Conference presentation only. In addition, we may limit the number of presentations from an organization in order to ensure a diverse array of perspectives. Priority in selection will be given to novel and innovative presentations and to presentations by employees of federal contractors. Program Committee Chairs may authorize limited exceptions.

Proposal Deadline

Completed proposals MUST be received by no later than end of day on December 17, 2021. Proposals received after 11:59 PM EST will not be considered.

Presentation Length

Pre-Conference presentation sessions will be 75 minutes. The session length for the Main Conference will also be 75 minutes. Speakers should either allow audience questions during their session or leave time for questions at the end to encourage interactive workshops.

Speaker Protocol


All speakers at the Conference shall have the primary objective of providing materials of educational, developmental, and/or strategic value to Conference attendees. Each session must have tangible takeaways for attendees. Presentations MUST NOT include any overt solicitation on behalf of any individual, vendor, product, or commercial activity.

References to Materials

If speakers reference materials published by other organizations, they must receive approval to include the detail in their materials. Speakers are responsible for dealing with all copyright issues.

Speaker Submission Deadlines

Speakers MUST adhere to all submission deadlines set by the Conference Program Committee. Failure to submit requested materials or meet any submission deadlines may result in materials not being distributed to attendees, revocation of a speaker’s complimentary Conference registration fee, and/or revocation of the speaker’s selection to present at the Conference or future NILG National Conferences.

Speaker Cancellation

If a selected speaker cannot attend the Conference, the Conference Program Committee asks for a 60-day notice so that the speaker’s slot can be replaced.

Speaker No-Show

Failure by a speaker to appear at the Conference will mean that the speaker’s session will be cancelled. Speakers may not substitute another speaker without express written consent of the Conference Program Committee chairs.

Speaker Attire

Speakers should adhere to business casual attire.

Speaker Technology

Speakers should be able to use microphones, laptop computers, and other tools required for their presentations.

Special Accommodations

The Conference is sensitive to the needs of speakers who require any type of special accommodations. A request for accommodation will have no negative impact on the selection process.

General Guidelines on Presentations

Expectations of Speakers

  1. Exhibit a high level of professionalism.
  2. Provide all materials by the designated deadlines, including timely submission of the presentation materials.
  3. Begin and end presentations on time and allow time questions during or at the end of presentations.
  4. Make presentations as interactive as possible.
  5. Provide all participants with tangible takeaways.
  6. Use the pre-formatted Conference presentation deck.

Speaker and Panel Representatives

  1. Speakers: Up to two (2) speakers per presentation
  2. Panel: Up to three (3) speakers on the panel plus one (1) moderator
  3. Additional Speakers: Requests for additional speakers for any particular session beyond the numbers noted above must be approved in advance by the Conference Program Committee. Authorization for additional people will not affect the maximum number of complimentary registrations, which is capped at two (2) per presentation.

Sales Pitches and Promotional Materials

  1. Speakers are not permitted to make sales pitches or include “commercials” as part of their presentations.
  2. Speakers are required to use the PowerPoint template provided. Speakers are asked to provide their bio at the beginning of the presentation.
  3. Promotional materials may not be handed out or provided to participants as part of the formal presentation.


  1. CLE credits may be available. Please note that a number of states specifically request a copy of all presentations in order to receive CLE credits.
  2. Business Credits for HRCI may be available.
  3. SHRM credits also may be available.


Opportunities are available for speakers to be formal Exhibitors at the Conference. If a speaker’s organization is also interested in exhibiting at the Conference, please contact Michael Wade at

Criteria for Selection of Speakers

We strive to offer a balanced schedule of programs to address current and emerging topics in the EEO, affirmative action, regulatory compliance, and DEI fields. Speakers should propose topics that will meet the needs and interests of Conference attendees. We are looking for new and innovative topics as well as presentations by employer representatives who can speak to the effective implementation of affirmative action, EEO and DEI in their organizations and communities. Presentations may include practical, immediately applicable work tools or innovative ideas that give Conference attendees insights into how to cope with ongoing changes in the regulatory environment and in the workplace.

There is no requirement that speakers have presented before at a NILG National Conference. We welcome newcomers! Our goal is to find the most effective speakers who can provide interesting, thought-provoking, valuable information to attendees.

The Conference Program Committee will select speakers for the Conference based on the speaker’s presentation abstract, speaker evaluations from previous events, the importance of the subject matter, and the content balance that the presentation may bring to the Conference. The Conference Program Committee intends to limit each presenter to a single session unless multiple sessions by a presenter significantly enhance the Conference program. The Conference Program Committee will give particular weight to presentations by employer representatives and to presentations that are novel and innovative.

Participation in Conference planning or acting as a sponsor or exhibitor DOES NOT guarantee selection as a speaker.

There is no guarantee that if speakers who presented at a prior Conference or Conferences will be selected as a speaker for the 2022 Conference.

The Conference Program Chairs will notify approved speakers by on or about January 31, 2022. The Conference Program Committee reserves the right to select all speakers for the Conference and to withdraw offers to speak at the Conference.

Information Needed for Proposal

Interested presenters will need to provide the information on the Submission Form.

Entering your Submission

Please click on the link COMPLETE ONLINE CALL FOR PRESENTERS FORM below to complete your submission. We will be accepting submissions until December 17, 2021.

Presenter/Panelist #1

  • Presenter Name (Last, First)
  • Business Title
  • Presenter Company/Organization Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

Presenter/Panelist #2 (if applicable)

Enter the same information as requested for Presenter/Panelist #1

Panelist #3 (if applicable)

Enter the same of information as requested for Panelist #1

Moderator (if applicable)

Enter the same information as requested for Panelist #1

Presentation Details

All Presentation Content Fields are mandatory submission fields. If a Presentation Content Field is not completed the submission will be deemed incomplete and will not be considered.

  • Indicate if the proposal is for a presentation or panel discussion
  • Presentation Title should be short and attention-drawing
  • Presentation Descriptions must be no more than 1,500 characters. This is your opportunity to explain to the Conference Program Committee why your proposal should be selected. You must include:
    • A summary of the information you will present,
    • How you will share this information with attendees,
    • Why this session is important to attendees, and
    • How you will incorporate audience interaction into your session.
  • Submit an Abstract of up to 75 words describing the presentation. This abstract will be included in the Conference program book. The abstract must include at least three (3) learning objectives.
  • Include a description of the tangible takeaways that participants will learn during your session. Your takeaways will be used to market your speaker session to attendees. Make them catchy and meaningful!
  • Indicate if the presentation should be considered for the following course credits: HRCI Business Credits, CLE Diversity, Ethics or Civility Credits, or General Credit Only.
  • Include a biography of up to 100 words for each presenter for inclusion in the program book. The biography should include name; title; organization; what the presenter; background on the presenter; whether the presenter is a member of an ILG; and whether speaker has presented at previous NILG National Conferences.

Photo/headshot will be required to be submitted as part of a speakers’ acceptance of the Committee’s offer to present at the Conference.

Video/Audio/Photo Release & Acknowledgement

I understand that, if selected to present at the NILG 2022 National Conference, the NILG may record my session and may post that recording on its website and that the recording would then be publicly available. I also understand that the NILG will use the photo I provide for purposes of promoting the Conference.

By acknowledging below, I irrevocably consent to and authorize the reproduction, publication and/or any other use by the NILG and its licensees and assignees of any video/audio/photographs created for or at the NILG 2022 National Conference, in whole or in conjunction with other video/audio/photographs in any medium currently existing or hereinafter created and for any lawful purpose, including illustration, promotion, advertising or web content, without any royalty or compensation to me.

I assign the NILG any and all rights of ownership to any video/audio/photographs, tapes, transparencies or digital files created for or at the NILG 2022 National Conference and agree that the NILG has full right to copyright, use and publish the same in broadcast, print and/or electronically, with full right of lawful disposition in any manner.

I waive any right to notice, inspection or approval of any use of the video/audio/photographs which the NILG may make or authorize at the NILG 2022 National Conference, and I release NILG from any claim or liability arising from or in connection with NILG’s use of any of these video/audio/photographs or any alteration, processing or use of these materials in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise.

I acknowledge and consent to the foregoing:

Name ___________________________________ Date ___________________________________


I certify that all the information provided is correct and I authorize the NILG 2022 National Conference to use this proposal and all information contained herein for the purposes of review and consideration for selection as a Conference presenter. I acknowledge that I have read all instructions and will adhere to all deadlines, including submission of materials, if my proposal is selected. I agree that I will provide my presentation to the NILG no later than June 24, 2022. I also acknowledge that failure to timely submit materials may result in revocation of my complimentary conference registration and/or my selection to present at the NILG 2022 National Conference or future NILG National Conferences.

Name ___________________________________ Date ___________________________________

Contact Information for Assistance

Information, questions, or concerns with regard to the speaker protocol, please contact the Conference Program Committee at